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jumped dramatically. that is a problem unique to california. let's take a look specifically at san jose. according to aa fuel gauge report -- aaa fuel gauge report a week ago it was $4.16. yesterday was $4.38. and today the average is $4.54. in a week gas prices have jumped $0.38. this all stems from supply problems. the chevron refinery fire in richmond is producing at a reduced capacity a chevron pipeline that moves crude oil from northern california was recently shut down. >> over the last week or so there has been a couple other problems. i think the most serious one was the one at the exxon mobile refinery that seemed to be sort of the straw that broke the camels back. and that is when prices jump took off. >> reporter: analysts say california's gas is at the lowest level in ten years. what doesn't help is the states strict pollution. while prices here in the bay area are high it's even higher in los angeles with some stations have actually passed the $5 mark. a few of the station owners have actually shut down the pumps rather than charging the higher price to break even. reportin
in california earlier than usual to bring down prices. winter blend gas isn't typically sold until october 31st. he hopes by selling it now it would increase supplies by bringing down prices. the high prices are changing driving habits. >> i try not to drive unless i really have to. >> i'm grateful and i only use the bike when necessary. >> reporter: the dramatic surge in prices came after a southern california refinery went down a week ago. it came back online friday. analysts say they expect prices to stabilize in the coming days. now this might make you feel a little better this morning. a gas station in long beach has the priciest gas at $6.66 a gallon. it could be worse. >>> it may be a sign of the times, roseville police are investigating the theft of nearly 1,000 gallons of gas from a shell station. stations manager says security cameras caught the thief stealing gas on three different occasions. police say a man in a pickup truck somehow disabled the meter and pumped gas into a tank in the bed of his truck. >>> president obama will be back in san francisco to raise even more money for h
california. the $28 million jackpot will be split by the red and white store in clear lake oaks. the winning numbers are 3, 4, 27, 30 and the store owners received $70,000 each for selling the tickets. >> an extra 28 million? that would be a nice way to start off the day. sal, i know you would like that too but you already have that much. >> well, i try not to tell everybody, but then i would have to keep coming to work. >> we will play along with it. >> i won but i am still here. >>> good morning, budly, let's go out and take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving well and if you didn't win the lottery and you have to go to work there could be worse things. no major problems on this monday, right now westbound bridge is moving along well. steve and i were having an interesting conversation on the air how years ago, if i showed you this picture years ago you would see one car, now you see a dozen or two dozen, definitely people are out there. if you are driving on 280, northbound traffic, there are cars out there but it is not a big traffic jam, let's go to steve. >> i will joined -- i
in california, why relief could soon be on the way for bay area drivers. >>> it is remaining offshore, the question is will it make it on shore, it is time for the bay area news. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning it is tuesday october 9th, i am ken wayne, dave clark is off today. >> let's check in with steve paulson. i heard you say? >> it's on the coast. we have some partly cloudy skies, this system is going parallel to the coast and it is there so a possibility of it being up in the sierra nevada, here is sal. >>> good morning, it is looking good heading to the mcarthur maze, it looks like a nice drive all the way out to the bay bridge toll plaza and everything looks good approaching the 880 split let's go back to the desk. >>> after political drama in san francisco, it all comes down to today for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. let's go to supervisors where they will finally decide his fate, tara? >> reporter: they are going to meet and take public comment and hopefully come up with a decision, hopefully there are no more delays in this process which has l
of medicine stanford, california usa and the academy citation rounds for studies of deprotein coupled receptors. >> reporter: professor brian kobilka shared the nobel prize with robert. professor koa bill coo is a chair molecular and physiology. >>> the traffic actually is pretty good so far this morning. driving around the bay. this is a look at 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems if you are looking at 580 coming up to the bridge as well. it's also a nice looking drive. if you want to get on the road early and take a lot of the uncertainty out of your commute, it looks good get into the city. also the morning commute here at the toll plaza looks good. no major problems as you drive into the city. now if you are driving on the nimitz freeway heading south that's also a good time to go. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. with a little bit of show from mother nature here also up toward lake county. you are seeing cloud to cloud lightning. not something that happens very often here. there has been pretty good rain. thundershower activity along the sa
. youtube video shows two southern california lawmakers almost getting in a fight. coming up at 5:45 what was behind this heated exchange. >>> happening right now the space shuttle endeavour is on the move. it's headed from lax to its permanent home at the california science center near the los angeles coliseum. the 12-mile trip will take two days. this is a live picture from los angeles. that shuttle is moving but at a very slow space. endeavour will be stopping at a parking lot and will have a nine hour lay over as crews deal with power lines a little bit farther ahead of the route. now while many the move will draw curious onlookers. some have complained about the extra traffic congestion as the shuttle makes this journey. some 400 trees were also cut to make room for the shuttle to roll through those narrow city streets. >>> it was two different endings for both bay area baseball teams in winner take all playoff games. >> here's a ground ball right side omar to first. >> the oakland a's could not recreate the magic of game three and four. they lost to the tigers 6-0 last night. tigers
in california and all over the nation are holding similar pink out day events today. >>> that is easy for my girls to do. we have a lot of pink. 5:16 is the time. sal. and i have lots of pink. >> today my theme is blue and gold, pam. >> yes, i see that. for the bruins. >> for the bruins. right. not on your life. gold bears. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along pretty well at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems as you drive into the city. the traffic here also looks good on the lower deck between san francisco and oakland. san mateo bridge you can use it today, of course. but it will be closed over the weekend as tara has been telling you. we've been telling you for awhile now. use alternate routes this weekend. and this mornings commute is looking pretty good on the dumbarton bridge and on the san mateo bridge nearby on the nimitz freeway. it's a nice looking drive. let's go to steve. >>> sal, thank you opinion well st. louis cloudy and light rain moving through. very cool pattern. it looks like it will be cloudy and light rain. more clouds and cool. upper 4
the death penalty here in california. one side says, this part of our justice system is broke an and the other sighs said it is meant to bring justice. >>> well theville -- village plan was supposed to be at peers 32 and 27 and 29, a third area for spectators is going greenment it will be cut and instead the money will be spent and they say it is not father to them or their fans. >>> he will take his most at new catholic archbishop at st. marry's cat -- st. mary's cathedral and is a supporter of same sex marriages and there will be a problem. >>> there is a problem on the tracks from bart, what kind of disruptions are there and how are bart ridersee resulted. this is -- erupted. this is south of the mcarthur station where a work truck became disabled on the tracks. we believe is the work coming through this area overable clear them from the tracks but still they are coming through here moving slowly and it has caused major delays systemwise and try trains heading from bay point to retch month to san francisco -- richmond to san francisco. this work truck has been moved out of
. >>> a break in the case of a woman killed in her home. right home, right here in california. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, thursday morning, october 11th, i am pam cook. >> i heard it around 12:30, he woke me up, it was hard to get back to sleep. rain in the north bay. >> there was an there were reports of thunder and lightning and also hail but most of that moved out to the pacific and there could be an isolated shower but it came off the sierra nevada and most of it is moving south with a lot of cool 60s. >>> southbound 101, it looks good on the richmond bridge getting across. and past mission boulevard heading down to the hill things look clear, let's go back to the desk. >>> san jose firefighters are looking for a serial arsonist. they say he struck again last night. matt keller is there where with he just spoke to a neighbor about this latest attack, good morning, matt. >> reporter: you can see it is obvious a fire was started here. now the fence behind it was removed after the previous fire was damaged by flames. fi
at the california science center. in order to fit, streets had to be cut down and arranging this journey... >> it's nice to see these shuttles will be displayed proudly. >> it will be going on public display. >>> and a boat crashed spilling hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel. it happened near the may have surf break. they ran into rocks early saturday morning. the coast guard was able to rescue the people on the water and they are now recovering. >>> he did it again. that is chuck yeager. marking the 5 the anniversary with another super fast ride. this time he rode in the back of '5 up 15 hazard and he did the same thing in the same place. >>> time now 524 they can they can, good to see you didn't. >> you know it has been a good week so far and hopefully we will have another good week, we had a couple of rough day, this morning we are not having any problems. and maybe you will run into fog if you are driving any distance. southbound and 280 looks good heading to the valley. 5:24 let's go to steve. >>> from santa rose a all the -- santa rosa all the way to san jose, it looks lousezy, 60s and 70s
. it is fog. look at the lows 60s and 70s. it will not take long to start warming up. extreme california, maybe next week. warm week patchy fog it will get warmer on thursday and warmer weather continues today and it looks like a north wind. so fog for although the days are shorter nights are longer and still we'll see toasty temperatures and then the weekend looks much cooler. >>> a driver had a scary situation. what hazmat crews found inside his delivery truck, we will explain. >>> and they are escorting a very important person... >>> heading south, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned. . >>> welcome back, less than an hour ago we learned they have blocked the area after he is accused of going on a rampage going into the u.s. military and space station back in 2001 and 2002. he claims he did it to find alien life. it was blocked and many are sic together six dust after -- toxic dust after the attacks. it all hoe case more than 4 -- allow case more than $4 billion but they could lose $38 million with budget cuts. activists are asking to pr
is being investigated as arson. >>> former california lieutenant governor will be laid to rest this afternoon. he died at the age of 86. his health had been on the decline. he was the first african- american to serve in the senate and as the lieutenant governor. governor governor jerry brown will be among the state leaders to honor him today. >>> hundreds turned out to honor kief -- chris stevens' life. >>> they will deliver billions of dollars to california schools. proposition 38 is funded almost entirely by molly hunger. it raises taxes for four years and it will be for those who earn more than ever $0,000. prop 38 will raise $10 billion a year. >> 38, those two things that are very important, it raises 8 times more money for schools than 30 and all that new money for schools goes directly for cool on a bases. they say it will we ate budget hole making it worse before it gets better. and you will find all the latest election headlines, go for the news drop down menu. >> right now i want to look at the commute, sal? >>> all right, pam, dave, we are doing well starting off and
. the men are suspected of robbing a bank earlier in the day in san jose. >>> they will keep california kids safe on this day. it is called operation boo and it is an effort to keep registered sex offenders away from trick or treaters. they will address a 5:00 p.m. did your few inside their homes. they are not allowed to give out candy. in san jose, trick or treaters can collect a bracelet saying be safe, be seen. they will hand it out and according to the centers of disease control and prevention, fatal accidents are four times more likely on halloween than any other night. so watch out. >>> pam now turning 5:50 let's go to sal, people are pouring in for the parade and how is the toll plaza? >> i don't think a lot of people are driving. you heard tara say it was loaded up with giants fans and that's the way to go, there is not going to be any parking for those giants fans. this is a look and there is not a big backup yet. it begins 515 when they those those metering lights on. there was an overturned truck there, it is a little bit slow but as steve mentioned very astutely, they have to ge
say that suspect is from southern california. investigators say no weapons were used in the theft and no one was confronted during that incident. >>> the popular mobster energy drink is -- monster energy drink being investigated after possibly being linked to the death of five people in three years. although the fda is investigating the allegations, the agency said the reports don't necessarily prove the drinks caused the deaths. last week, though, a maryland family sued monster claiming the drinks led to the caffeine toxicity that killed their 14- year-old daughter. the company says the drinks are safe and did not cause the teen's death. >>> nurses at several sutter hospitals are planning to walk off the job next week. the november 1st strike will affect sutter hospitals in alameda, contra costa and solano counties. union leaders say sutter wants to cut sick leave and rest time and the nurses are being asked to pay for more health benefits. sutter plans to hire replacement nurses on a five year contract. >>> because of e-books, more people are reading these days, but there's a ge
. >>> california may set a voter registration record for the november 6th election. the secretary of state says in the 45 days, more than 679,000 new vorts were add -- voters were added. that number is expected to go higher. a final tally will be released november 2. >>> mitt romney campaign says romney still support the indiana senate candidate who made a controversial comment about rape. said god intended pregnancy during rape. she says romney still supports mourdock's candidacy. romney recorded a television ad endorsing mourdock. >>> we're just 12 days left to the election day. both president obama and mitt romney are continuing a world wind campaign tour. >> reporter: as we're entering the home stretch both president obama and mitt romney are hitting the swing states. mitt romney will campaign in cincinnati this morning. he's going to spend all day blanketing ohio. no republican candidate has ever won presidential election without winning ohio. the president starts his day in tampa. air force one landing just less than an hour ago. his next stop is virginia and hadding to chicago to vote.
savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more than 100 members of california's air national guard are heading to the east coast to help with any rescue efforts. members of the 129th rescue wing will leave at 11:00 a.m. from mountainview. >>> the storm is more powerful than google. google cancelled the introduction of its latest nexus tablet and smart phones. the events was supposed to take place in new york city, but the area has been evacuated. >>> we'll continue to track the path of hurricane sandy throughout the morning. you can also get updates any time anywhere >>> pam, we're also talking about fog this morning. sal is, because it will affect your commute. >> it sure is. if you're trying to leave the house, i think an extra five or ten minutes might help you with the foggy commute. what happens is so we're looking at bay point, it's not all that foggy, but then you drive in other parts of the bay, especially any distance you will see it. steve has been warning us about the fog. he has some advisories he will share with you. but just as a driver, make sure that you don't use you
at a group called technology for obama will hold a debate party. >>> they will challenging california's new law to ban therapy that tries to turn gay or lesbians straight. they are asking them to rule the law unconstitutional. governor brown signed the law and it is scheduled to go in effect january 1st. >>> they are talking about suzy the dog. she ran out in front of a car, he slammed on his breaks thinking he avoided hitting her and somebody flagged him down saying there is a dog sticking out the grill of your car. animal control officers came, pulled her out of the grill, she was in shock but alive. that is when susie's story came to the news. >> i have no idea how she made it without getting killed. it is just amazing. >> yes, it is amazing, she survived, she only had a concussion and a chipped tooth and now they call her the miracle dog. >> that is quite a story. 5:17 is the time. we have a look at traffic, here is more. >>> dave, pam, we are off to a decent start. in the 4:30 hour, things have started. this is a look at 880 westbound and traffic is moving along well heading out to the
, 15 more deaths were reported nationwide. california has seen nearly 300 cases which is the second worst of all the states. he is the first to test positive and he became ill and it was reported after the abatement district last week. >>> a san francisco man has filed a complaint, he claims at&t blocked customers who have limited data plans from using 4g or 3g connection. the man said in the complaint the only reason he upgraded his phone was because he wanted to communicate with his family when he is traveling. they use the feature over whyfie. >>> they may come up with a counter proposal. it is all to preserve an 82 game season. yesterday they called it a small step forward towards ending the lock out but it will cost players 1 is $.6 billion over six years. >>> the mid-peninsular district voted to leave the tower intact while voting on initial repairs. total cost could be as much as $3 million. >>> they are still lacking behind. four are from gps monitors and buses. however that information is not available online which commuters can use to track delays from other problem. they
in the dark. crews from right here in northern california were helping to get the lights back on. >>> san francisco police are looking for suspects in an overnight homicide. it happened shortly after midnight in the city's south mix district. it is still not clear what led up to the deadly gunfire. police responded to a man just before 10:00 last night. no arrests were made and police have not said what prompted the incident. >>> antolin garcia-torres accused of killing sierra lemar, is he set to go before a judge this afternoon. antolin garcia-torres was arrested in may in connection with sierra lemar's disappearance. volunteers are still searching for her but despite not finding her body, antolin garcia-torres faces murder charges and today he could enter a plea for that crime. >>> they are preparing for the giants victory parade and they are taking people to bart parade which could break records. live in san francisco with the parade details, tara? >> reporter: they have been working around the clock on building the slopes and we don't know if we are supposed to be slowing you this but
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